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MeadowView Memory Care

one-of-a-kind memory care

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The Views largely sought after MeadowView Memory Care Village includes our experiential center reminiscent of Marion’s history. This one of a kind design is similar to the old Marion train station, ice cream shop and more. The experiential center is developed from science based studies that show memory triggers can come from architectural designs. ‘Healing design’ is a scientifically based concept that provides exposure to natural sunlight, the comfort of memories, freedom of movement and way-finding in a secure setting. Extensive activities encourage physical, cognitive and social engagement. This inviting and active environment has historically aided in minimizing behaviors and use of antipsychotic medications for those with memory related illnesses. The goal is to enhance both the environment and opportunities for those living with the disease while increasing quality of life.

Apartments are nestled into two neighborhoods of 17 apartments each. Assisted Living neighborhoods conveniently access the experiential center’s healing design areas where freedom of movement and person-centered activities engage residents, promote socialization and prompt familiar memories. 

Our assisted living memory care is tailored for individuals who are not appropriate for nursing home placement but no longer suitable to be in their home. The unique experiential design, extensive 7 day per week activities, outings program, expertise in dementia, daily care-giving and helpful family support offer inclusive education, support and socializing opportunities that set us apart.

The goal in the design of MeadowView Memory Care is to ease the stress and frustration that can occur with memory impairment and encourage consistent physical and cognitive engagement while helping our residents thrive despite the disease!

Montessori-based programs run from 9:45 am- 6:30 pm 7 days per week. This offers consistent cognitive, physical, and social engagement which are known to assist in delaying cognitive decline and improving quality of life.

We never underestimate the importance of family and focus on not only the resident but the family as well. We are committed to providing an atmosphere of support and education during a loved ones move to the MeadowView community. Support, engagement and involvement are encouraged working together as a team. We want to provide and assist families in coping with emotions, learning how they can better respond to their loved one as well as discovering meaningful and enjoyable activities to do with their loved one when they visit.

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